About us

Exclusive sales organization for all products from Hydro Armor.

Hydro Armor Sales is the sales organization for all products from the French company Hydro Armor.

In the maritime world, Dutch company DWG Trading has been known for years as a specialist in mechanical units. Over the years, we have also turned our attention to hydraulic rudder propellers as we see the many advantages of the hydraulic thrusters.

At a certain point we decided to start a cooperation with Hydro Armor who were very successfull. Together with the Hydro Armor Factory we started the company HAS, Hydro Armor Sales, to be the exclusive sales organization for Hydro-Armor hydraulic rudder propellers, bow thrusters and cranes for almost all non-French speaking countries.

During the years, we became one of the very few companies in the world that has this much knowledge in both mechanical as well as hydraulical rudder propellers.

 Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, and the high knowledge of rudderpropellers,  and our global network we manage to find a suitable solution in most cases.

Passion for propulsuon